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Companies in the keimgroup

The additive evolution


keim additec surface GmbH –  producer and developer of water based ULTRALUBE® wax additives as the benchmark in various coating applications

In a globalized environment keim additec surface GmbH founded 1988 and located in Kirchberg (Hunsruck) in Germany has specialized in the production and development of water based ULTRALUBE® wax additives and counts today to the market leaders in multiple coating applications.

The use of aqueous ULTRALUBE® wax additives ranges from applications in e.g. printing inks, OPV's, lacquers and paints by adhesives and care products up to specialized applications e.g. in digital printing, paper or glass fibre coatings in order to generate or modify desired surface properties of the resulting coating systems. Besides a nearly 30 years of experience especially the close cooperation with partner companies in the field of solid waxes (euroceras and ceronas) as well as non-wax based coating additives (silcona) is a solid basis for our chemists, engineers and application technicians to develop the product portfolio continiously and customized further. Additionally synergistic effects can be utilized thereof. Partner companies euroceras and ceronas also open the possibility for access to customized raw materials besides the general advantage of being backward-integrated in the most important wax types.

The modern and partly unique production units exhibit a capacity of around 40.000 t /a of aqueous wax additives.

silcona, a company from keim additec surface GmbH, is focused on the development, production and marketing of innovative high performance additives for environmentally friendly coating systems. silcona is serving the coatings and graphic arts industries with a cornucopia of tailor made and highly efficient additives by the following brands:

    APEO-free high performance dispersants for water based and solvent based coating systems

    high molecular silicone based slip additives

    APEO- and VOC-free additives as open time extender for lacquers and paints

    flow and levelling additives for various coating systems

    wetting additives for pigment and substrate wetting

    antifoam additives for pigment grinding, inks and coating systems

    hydrophobing additives for construction materials

The technical service team offers close cooperation with customers to provide immediate access to optimised guiding formulations and to solve problems together as modifications of existing products or as completely new developments.

Website silcona >>

ceronas GmbH & Co. KG  is a manufacturer of micronised waxes, wax specialties and functional additives for a broad field of industrial applications. The production facility as well as research and development is located in Germany.

First product line of ceronas are innovative micronised waxes under the brand name mju:wax® for applications in coatings, like printing inks, OPV's, lacquers, paints and industrial coatings. These additives can be used in solvent based and aqueous formulations also in powder coatings, masterbatches and further industrial applications.

Using custommade CERALENE® waxes from the connected wax producing company euroceras, ceronas is able to produce unique micronised mju:wax® additives with outstanding
properties regarding function and stability in water and solvent based coatings.

The second product line consists of VISCOCER® waxes and functional ADDIMER® additives for a broad field of applications in the plastic and powder coating industries, like texturing additives, synergistic working nucleating and processing additives. ceronas benefits from the cooperation between the connected companies euroceras and keim additec surface in research and development of innovative wax additives to provide the customers additives with highest performance and economic efficiency.

Website ceronas >>

euroceras Sp. z o.o. located in southern Poland is producing polyolefin as well as functionalised synthethix waxes under the the brand name CERALENE® for a lot of different applications:

  •    colour masterbatches (dispersing additive)
  •    PVC (ext. release, surface improvement, int./ext. lubricant)
  •    technical plastics (flow/surface improvement, mould release)
  •    additive masterbatches (dispersing additive, compatibilizer)
  •    duroplasts (flow, levelling, pigment dispersion)
  •    pigment and fillers (surface coating)
  •    rubber processing (release)
  •    powder coatings (flow/levelling/scratch resistance)
  •    bitumen
  •    hot melt adhesives
  •    aqueous and solvent based coating systems
  •    (surface modification)
  •    toner
  •    also for cosmetic applications

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