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How the company became a global player

In the year 1988 keim additec surface GmbH was founded focussing on development and production of water based ULTRALUBE® wax additives. Typical fields of application are aquoeus coatings, printing inks, adhesives and polishes. Further usages are in construction chemicals and paper coatings. Highly specialized ULTRALUBE® wax additives are leading to an improvement or modification of surface properties of the resulting coatings. Exhibiting a current production capacity of about 40.000 t/a, keim additec surface GmbH located in the very much western part of Germany counts to the market leaders world wide of such wax additives.

The endeavour to supply customers also with non-wax based coating additives from a single source and also to enter further market segments led in 2001 to the foundation of silcona GmbH & Co. KG. Its portfolio of silicone-containing and silicone-free SILCO-types comprises Hydrophobing-, Antifoam Additives and open time extenders.

Through the acquisition of euroceras Sp. z o.o., as it is now known, in 2007, more than 50 years of production experience in the field of synthetic waxes based on LDPE, HDPE and PP were incorporated  within the keimgroup, with the aim of being backward integrated in strategic waxes, thus to gain a further competitive advantage.

The foundation of ceronas GmbH & Co. KG in 2012 extended the range of waxes produced in-house by micronised mju:waxes®. Applications thereof are besides aqueous coatings also in the area of solvent borne, UV- and powder coatings. Further customized waxes and additives under the brand names VISCOCER® and ADDIMER® are especially produced for the plastics processing industry, where also further selected CERALENE® waxes are used as processing aids.

Extensive R&D-capacities as well as a global availability of our products and services completing our offer, to assist you with our know-how and products at your issues.

The facts


Foundation of keim additec surface GmbH


Foundation of silcona


Foundation of keim additec surface USA LLC


Acquisition of euroceras Sp. z o.o.


Opening of the 1.200 m² research and development laboratory


Foundation of ceronas GmbH & Co. KG


Increasing of production capacities and extension of sales activities


Extension of the euroceras production facility and new construction of ceronas production and administration centre in Kirchberg