Different types of aqueous ULTRALUBE® wax additives

Emulsions (ULTRALUBE® E-types)

The wax particles of ULTRALUBE® wax emulsions have a spherical shape
and a small size distribution with a diameter between 0.01 μm and 0.5 μm,
depending on the wax emulsion. The size of the wax particles is controlled by
the used emulsifiers, saponification agents and manufacturing parameters during
the production of the ULTRALUBE® wax emulsions.

Micro dispersions (ULTRALUBE® MD-types)

Because of a similar manufacturing process, the wax particles of ULTRALUBE®
wax micro dispersions also have a spherical shape and a very small size
distribution like ULTRALUBE® wax emulsions but a larger diameter between
0.5 μm and 3 μm, depending on the micro dispersion.

Dispersions (ULTRALUBE® D-types)

The wax particles of ULTRALUBE® wax dispersions differ from the particles in
ULTRALUBE® wax emulsions and ULTRALUBE® wax micro dispersions by size,
shape and a considerable broader size distribution, caused of a different
production method. The mean particle diameter is between 1 μm and 15 μm,
depending on the ULTRALUBE® wax dispersion.