New ULTRALUBE® products

Sustainable products - Even more green wax additives

A further improved environmental sustainability by the use of wax additives can be reached either by an improved efficiency of additives increasing the life-cycle of the coating or by a ban/reduction of all problematic ingredients and use of raw-materials of a renewable origin where useful. While in established conventional ULTRALUBE® types even in the past nearly all of the properties mentioned on the picture above were fulfilled, the new green types are additionally formulated amine-free.

By this the requirements for a lot of different food contact and further legislations can be fulfilled like FDA 175.300, BfR XXXVI, plastics directive, Nordic and EU-ECOLABEL, Swiss Ordinance and much more.

sustainable products

ULTRALUBE® type wax type solids content melting range pH-value ionic character  
E-325 paraffin 40% 60 °C 7.0 N
E-342/45 FA paraffin 45% 56-58 °C 9.5 A
E-854 HDPE 30% 135 °C 8.5 N/A
E-1017 PE 30% 118 °C 7.0 N
E-7080 carnauba 30% 85 °C 4.5 N
MD-2040 amide 30% 142 °C 7.5 N
MD-2300/50 HDPE 50% 125-137 °C 9.5 A
D-803 HDPE 60% 125-137 °C 9.0 A
D-804 PE 55% 116 °C 8.0 N
D-XP-15020934 compound 55% 116 °C 8.0 N

High performance wax additives

Novel aqueous ULTRALUBE® wax additives based on specificly developed PE-waxes of sister company EUROCERAS show in comparison to the use of conventional PE-waxes a strongly increased performance regarding e.g. to scratch- or abrasionresistance in various coating systems. By the use of the following mentioned ULTRALUBE®-types in comparison to conventional ones an improvement of the mentioned properties can be achieved at the same dosage level or similar properties at reduced dosage levels due to increased efficiency.

ULTRALUBE® type wax type solids content melting range pH-value ionic character  
E-XP-15030937 copolymer 40% 90-110 °C 9.0 N/A
E-XP-15030938 mod. PP wax 35% 145-155 °C 6.5 N/A
E-XP-15030941 copolymer 35% 100 °C 9.5 N/A

N = non ionic
A = anionic