New ULTRALUBE® products

Sustainable products - Even more green wax additives

A further improved environmental sustainability by the use of wax additives can be reached either by an improved efficiency of additives increasing the life-cycle of the coating or by a ban/reduction of all problematic ingredients and use of raw-materials of a renewable origin where useful. While in established conventional ULTRALUBE® types even in the past nearly all of the properties mentioned on the picture above were fulfilled, the new green types are additionally formulated amine-free.

By this the requirements for a lot of different food contact and further legislations can be fulfilled like FDA 175.300, BfR XXXVI, plastics directive, Nordic and EU-ECOLABEL, Swiss Ordinance and much more.

sustainable products

ULTRALUBE® type wax type solids content melting range pH-value ionic character  
E-325 paraffin 40% 60 °C 7.0 N
E-342/45 FA paraffin 45% 56-58 °C 9.5 A
E-854 HDPE 25% 135 °C 8.5 N/A
E-1017 PE 30% 118 °C 7.0 N
E-7080 carnauba 30% 85 °C 4.5 N
MD-2040 amide 30% 142 °C 7.5 N
MD-2300/50 HDPE 50% 125-137 °C 9.5 A
D-803 HDPE 60% 125-137 °C 9.0 A
D-804 PE 55% 116 °C 8.0 N
D-888 wax compound 63% 128 °C 7.0 N

N = non ionic
A = anionic